About me

jonathanaddisJonathan Addis  comes from  Dublin,Ireland . He was born in Cornwall to British parents who later moved to Ireland  .

He had a very succesful exhibition of watercolours  in Dublin in 1989 .

Jon has lived from his art all his life  with the originals of his maps recently selling  for high prices .

He has been commissioned by Oxford and Cambridge Universities and in 2010 received a commission from the then Prime-Minister to make a Portrait of 10 Downing Street .

Jonathan Addis  made his first ever map in Granada , Spain a city which has inspired much  of his work   .He then developed the idea in Dublin and London where he received support from private clients .

Jon speaks  some Spanish and  French as well as  English . He practises  simple Yoga , meditation {TM} and takes singing lessons . Jon has a lifetime of experience fulfilling commissions especially portraits of houses {see “building portraits”}.

Jon’s  father was Editor-owner of “Books Ireland “, a literary magazine in Ireland . All of his 4 grandparents were  published writers or artists .

“We carried a full page image of Jonathan Addis’s painted map of Chelsea and we have been inundated, and i mean inundated with people wanting a copy.” Amanda Constance, Editor The Resident Magazine.

“Please do not hesitate to use my name as a satisfied customer ”  Viscount Christopher Portman 

Read a recent interview in Mayfair Magazine.

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NOTA LEGAL – LEGAL NOTICE  . All my maps are protected by copyright ,{ Registration of intellectual property or deposito legal en Espana }and in most cases by an ISBN . It is against the law to reproduce work by Jonathan Addis without written permission from the Artist .

I am now working on a new Panorama Map of Dublin to add to to the series .

 In April  2019 , i have just completed a spectacular new Panorama Map of Granada , Spain. . SE PUEDE COMPRAR EL MAPA de Granada en el kiosko de Betti en el Plaza de la Trinidad , Granada capital . No suele trabajar los Lunes  .   Estos laminas deberian estar protegido del sol o luz fuerte .

Other projects include a new Map of the City of London . 

Click here to see the New map of London.