About me

jonathanaddisJonathan Addis  is based in Dublin,Ireland . He was born in Cornwall to British parents who settled there in 1960 .

He had a major exhibition in Dublin in 1989 of watercolours painted in Granada ,Spain.

Jon has lived from his art all his life  with the originals of his maps recently selling  for high prices .

He has been commissioned by Oxford and Cambridge Universities and in 2010 received a commission from the then Prime-Minister to make a Portrait of 10 Downing Street .

Jonathan Addis  made his first ever map in Granada , Spain a city which has inspired much  of his work   .He then developed the idea in Dublin and London where he received support from private clients .

Jon speaks  some Spanish and  French as well as  English . He practises  simple Yoga , meditation {TM} and takes singing lessons . Jon has a lifetime of experience fulfilling commissions especially portraits of houses {see “building portraits”}.

Jonathan’s  father was Editor-owner of “Books Ireland “, a literary magazine in Ireland . All of his 4 grandparents were  published writers or artists . He has a fully documented family tree tracing his fathers direct lineage back to 15th century Cordoba , Spain { The Montefiore family}.

“We carried a full page image of Jonathan Addis’s painted map of Chelsea and we have been inundated, and i mean inundated with people wanting a copy.” Amanda Constance, Editor The Resident Magazine.

“Please do not hesitate to use my name as a satisfied customer ”  Viscount Christopher Portman 

Read a recent interview in Mayfair Magazine.

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I am now working on a new Panorama Map of Dublin to add to to the series .

 In March 2019 , i have just completed a spectacular new Panorama Map of Granada , Spain. 

Other projects include a new Map of the City of London . 

Click here to see the New map of London.