House Portraits and other commissioned work . 

I have been drawing houses all my life .

I love to make drawings of buildings

. I usually like to draw a house at A2 size in ink and watercolour .

My drawings of houses reproduce wonderfully on a card , website , catalogue etc . I have worked for estate agents in both Dublin and London on many occasions . 

prefer to work from life , not from a photograph . However recently i have successfully completed commissions from photographs only . Please send me photos from near and far { they dont need to be ‘good” or  expert photos }. They must be “large” or high resolution . It may be necessary to send them one by one in an email or together by WeTransfer. Great !!

.  Send me an e mail   or whatsapp to 00 44 7960 815482 

telling me what you had in mind .

“Please do not hesitate to use my name as a satisfied customer” Viscount Christopher Portman 2016

“For London Houses , Jonathan Addis is the usual choice” Fine Art Commissions , St James,s London

Please see some examples of portraits of buildings in the section ‘Building Portraits‘.


Do get in touch !        Regards  Jonathan