Fortnum and Mason ,Piccadilly


My Great grandfather Sir George Pragnell was head of the British Red Cross relief effort for the wounded in the first world war . He gave up his mansion and took rooms at the Hyde Park hotel [now the Mandarin oriental} in order -i assume – to be near Burlington house {The Royal academy of arts, just opposite Fortnum and Mason }in which rooms had been  expropriated  by the Red Cross . My grandmother worked there [ as was the custom for society ladies at the time} . When after the war Sir George died prematurely of exhaustion , she inherited a fortune , and became a big fan of Fortnum and Mason . She married My grandfather Dennis Earle who graduated from the Royal Academy and together founded ‘The Sanctuary ” , a sort of hippie commune of the 1920’s based on the sermon on the mount “ask and it shall  be given ” . They gave away millions of pounds worth of land in Sussex near Storrington and attracted artists and writers such as Laurie Lee, Aleister Crowley and HG Wells among many others.

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